Tuesday, March 17, 2009

EASTERN HORIZONS PREMIERE: 3/17/09 at the Mission Theater in Portland, OR

Since acquiring footage of actual salmon being caught from my sea kayak remains elusive, I thought you might enjoy some other awesome sea kayak visual stimulation. The premiere of "Eastern Horizons: Exploring the Atlantic Coast by Kayak" happens tonight at the Mission Theater in Portland, Oregon.

Eastern Horizons Trailer from Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

Once again, friend and fellow Alder Creek guide/instructor Paul Kuthe put on amazing displays of Kodak courage, taking a sea kayak into conditions that are only entertained by most of us in our nightmares...Oh, and the rest of the film has some stunning scenery and touring footage.

Come out and have a beer for St. Patrick's Day, and watch Paul risk his own life for our viewing pleasure!



Anonymous said...

I'm actually trying to get in touch with Shay Bickley. Hi Shay! It's Ally. I'm so excited to have I found you. I would love to catch up. Based on the pics that I've seen you are living an exciting and adventurous life- WOW!!! You look great- haven't changed a bit. Some St. Rita Gals have been reconnecting via Facebook. Email me: allystu16@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook.

Jason Self said...

Hi Ally,

Shay has told me much about you. I will give her your message this evening. She will be stoked to hear from you.


Julie said...

Hi Jason and Shay -
This is Julie Brubaker and I went to grade school with Shay too. We are all totally having a blast on Facebook getting to know each other and I just want to echo what Allyson Stuart wrote about how much we miss Shay and we'd like her to join Facebook. Please ask Shay to email me at BrubakerConsulting[at]gmail.com and I'll send her a facebook friend request. She doesn't have to "do" all that facebook stuff if she doesn't want - but at minimum if she could get on to get back in touch with us, we'd really love it. I hope to hear from you via email! Julie