Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coastal Kayak Fishing at Lumpy Waters Symposium. Oct. 15-17, 2010. Pacific City, Or

Ever wanted to catch fish from your kayak? Then join me for two days of kayak fishing on the beautiful Oregon Coast! I will be teaching kayak fishing classes and leading kayak fishing tours at the annual Lumpy Waters Symposium in Pacific City, October 15-17th.

Kayak fishing class descriptions:

Learn the fundamentals of fishing from a kayak from expert kayak angler Jason Self. In this general “how-to” class we will cover gear selection and rigging, special paddling techniques used while fishing, angling strategy, safety & awareness, and tide/conditions management while targeting chinook salmon and sea-run cutthroat trout on flat water at the Salmon River estuary. Oregon fishing license required, fishing gear not provided.

This class picks up where Coastal Kayak Fishing 1 leaves off, and serves as an introductory to fishing the ocean from a kayak. Previous ocean paddling experience is required, as our goal will be to fish for lingcod, rockfish, and cabezon at Three Rocks/Cascade Head (conditions permitting) and catch red rock crab at the river mouth. This class is perfect for anyone interested in supplementing their food supply on a multi-day sea kayak trip or fishing saltwater in general. Oregon fishing license/shellfish license required. Fishing gear not provided.

Call 503-285-0464 to reserve your spot, or visit the Lumpy Waters Symposium website for details and a full list of classes available and coaches attending.

Hope to see you there,



Dillon said...

Hey Jason, would this Symposium be suitable for someone who was never really kayaked? I've been wanting to get into Kayak fishing and been lurking on the NWKA forums. Which is how I originally found your site. Would it be worth while to try and get in a class or two before?

Jason Self said...


I would consider taking our basic skills kayak class, but Lumpy is open to all skill levels. Check out the Lumpy site www.lumpywaters.com for the list of classes. "Coastal Kayak Fishing 1" is suitable for first timers, but if you are interested in fishing the ocean on Sunday, I would look into other classes like "Fear to Fun 1" and others for Fri. & Sat. to get you ready. You can call 503-285-0464 and speak to Maura to find out all the options for registration etc.

Dillon said...

Thanks Jason. I gave Maura a call, but she told me I shouldn't even bother signing up and I would need a lot more than just the basic class.

Jason Self said...

Dillon, I'm not sure what she means. You would be fine taking coastal kayak fishing 1. It would be nice to have taken the basic skills class before. If you'd like, e-mail your phone number to jason@aldercreek.com and we can discuss tomorrow.


Rick @Kayak Fishing | Fishing Kayaks said...

Hey Jason, would have loved to join but going to OR here from SE TX is quite a far way to go for taking some basic classes.
Still, hope you guys had a great time and always tight lines.

Jason Self said...


Yes, it is far from TX, although a weekend kayaking at the OR coast is priceless! The symposium is designed for beginning intermediate to advanced paddlers. With some previous saltwater paddling experience, you can progress through classes on Fri. & Sat. and be ready to fish the ocean on Sunday. Next year I am only offering "Subsistence Fishing for Sea Kayakers" on Sunday. It will be an advanced level, all day class, as we will launch off the beach at dawn through surf and paddle over a mile off shore to fish sea stacks for bottom fish in 5-7ft swell.

Rick @Kayak Fishing said...

Jason -
I bet it is priceless to fish for a weekend in OR.
But who knows, someday we might find time for a vacation trip that hopefully could be longer than only 3 or 4 days and then OR would be one of my top destinations. I know you guys have a great scenery up there and fishing is just awesome.
But until then I guess I will just keep visiting your posts and enjoy looking at the good pictures.

Jason Self said...

If you are looking for a nice trip to do in the PNW, I will be offering a 4 day trip in the San Juan Islands in May and June 2011. That is truly a great saltwater multi-day kayak fishing trip. No swell or surf, and deep water 150ft from shore.

Also looks like I will be kayak fishing the Gulf of Mexico winter 2011. Maybe you could hook up with us as we make our way down the coast....More on that to come.